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Reverence and Morality – Gordon B. Hinckley

Why do we go to sacrament meeting? We go, of course, to renew our covenants in partaking of the sacrament. This is the most important element of these meetings. And we also go to be instructed, to meditate upon the things of God, and to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. We go because of the commandment of the Lord, who said in revelation… (read more)

Purity precedes Power – M. Russell Ballard

Elder M Russell Ballard MormonFar too many of the youth, particularly American youth, have violated the law of chastity before they reach the age of nineteen. Unfortunately, the youth of the Church are not immune. For this reason, I want to assure you young men that your leaders know of the challenges you face in today’s society. However, we have confidence that you can develop the strength and integrity to surmount these challenges and live for the blessings that are promised to those who remain morally clean… (read more)

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