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Advanced and Controversial Mormon Topics

Black Mormons

The following is true. Black members of the Mormon Church could not hold the priesthood until 1978. However, the following is also true. The Mormon Church (real name, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is not a racist church. From the very beginning, the Church was about equal rights, regardless of a member’s race.

Book of Mormon and DNA

Book of MormonWhile critics may believe that Book of Mormon DNA testing entirely undermines Mormon beliefs, it is important to realize that some underlying assumptions may have lead to faulty conclusions. The controversy arises from DNA studies of Native American peoples. Critics maintain that these studies prove conclusively that claims made by the Book of Mormon could not possibly be true.

Book of Mormon Evidence

For many years, critics have challenged the veracity of a religious text called the Book of Mormon. The book is used by nearly thirteen million individuals who read it along with the Holy Bible, believing that both were written by prophets and contain the words of God.


People do leave the Mormon Church – the Church isn’t comfortable for everyone. They may take issue with Mormon theology, they may have been offended by other members, they may want to behave in ways not allowed by the Mormon Church. However, the anti-Mormon ex-Mormons are not the best source for information on the Mormon Church as they often distort its teachings.

Mormon Cult

Critics of Mormonism sometimes like to tell people about the “Mormon cult” and all the awful things it is and does. The word “cult” is the kind of word that frightens people away from the Church before they know anything about it.

Mormon Women and the Priesthood

There has always been a question in the world of how women fit into the Mormon Church. Worthy Mormon men are given the priesthood, but what are the women given? The world seems to look upon Mormon women as not equivalent to the man. Nothing is further from the truth. Women are equally esteemed and equally as capable as men in the kingdom, each with their respective responsibilities and unique abilities to contribute.

Mountain Meadows Massacre

On September 11, 1857, a train of emigrants driving cattle through Utah were ambushed and killed on the way to California. This is called the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and it is one of the greatest tragedies in Mormon history. This no one denies. However, critics of the Mormon Church use this massacre to defame the faith as a whole. This article will hopefully give the massacre its proper context and divide fact from accusation.

Mormon Underwear

That Mormons wear “special” underwear has drawn curiosity from some and ridicule from others. Mormons themselves call the underwear “garments,” as they’re seen as distinct from normal underwear. In fact, they’re very different. Mormons see this “underwear,” their garments, as very sacred.


Joseph Smith learned of the principle of polygamy, also known as plural marriage, while translating the Book of Mormon. In the early 1840’s he explained the principle to Brigham Young, but both were reluctant. By the 1850’s polygamy was instituted as a principle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however it has not been practiced.

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