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History Palmyra

A great deal of early Mormon history took place in around the Palmyra, New York area.  The following is a list of some of the major events:1816—The Smith family moved to Palmyra, New York. They bought 100 acres of land.

Hill Cumorah Palmyra MormonSpring 1820—Joseph Smith, then age 14, was concerned about what church to join. He went to a grove near his home and there saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He was told by them to join none of the churches. Joseph Smith returned home and told his family of his experience. Joseph was persecuted for revealing what he saw.

September 21, 1823—Joseph Smith prayed to learn the condition of his soul and for forgiveness. The angel Moroni appeared to him and informed him that God had a work for Joseph to do. Moroni then told of a book, recorded on golden plates, which were deposited not far from Joseph’s home.  These plates contained the fullness of the gospel and were accounts of those who lived on the American continent in ancient times. Joseph was to find the plates, and the seer stones whereby he would be able to read them, and translate the record. Moroni appeared to him three times during the same night and delivered the same message.

September 22, 1823—The same messenger delivered the same message again and told Joseph to tell his father about the vision. Joseph related his experience to his father then went to the place where Moroni had told him the gold plates were deposited. In a hill near his home in a buried stone box, Joseph found the items Moroni had told him would be there. As Joseph reached in to take the things out of the box, Moroni returned and stopped him. He was told that it was not yet time to bring the plates out. He then told Joseph to return to the same place on the same day for the next four years. Joseph followed these instructions and went back every year. Moroni appeared to him and taught him.

September 22, 1827—Moroni gave the gold plates to Joseph who began translation. Joseph was instructed to keep the plates safe until Moroni asked for them to be returned. Persecution and attempts to get the gold plates were so rife that Joseph moved to Pennsylvania.

1829—The Book of Mormon began the publication process at the E.B. Grandin building. Five thousand copies were printed.

April 6, 1830—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church, was officially organized in the Whitmer family home.

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